The International LGBTQ+ Judges’ Foundation is non-profit public benefit corporation organized under the laws of the State of California.  The corporation has tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Although the Foundation shares many of the goals and objectives of the International Association of LGBTQ+ Judges, the Foundation is an independent organization separate from the International Association of LGBTQ+ Judges.


The purposes of the Foundation are to promote judicial education among its members and among the general public on legal and judicial issues related to the LGBTQ+ community and to provide financial scholarships to support law students who demonstrate a commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.

For information regarding the LGBTQ+ Judicial Education Institute, please visit:

For information regarding the Judge Paul G. Feinman scholarship, please visit:


Who can give?

At this time, the Foundation can only receive donations from judges permitted to make charitable donations to organizations such as the Foundation, consistent with their jurisdiction’s judicial ethics code and any other standard.

How can I give?

Interest in making a donation to the Foundation should be sent to the Foundation at The interest email should include your full name, title, court or agency identification and a telephone number at which you can be contacted.

A response specifying the methods by which the sum elected to be donated can be transmitted to the Foundation will be sent to you.

Remind me.  Will my donation be tax deductible?

Donations to the Foundation are deductible consistent with contributions made to other organizations given formal recognition by the Internal Revenue Service as a Section 501(c)(3).  You will receive a proper receipt for your donation that will include the Foundation’s tax identification number.