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President’s Award to Weathers Among Annual Meeting Highlights

For his years of dedicated service as Treasurer and countless other contributions, Judge Theodore M. Weathers (Superior Court of California, San Diego County) has been honored with the International Association of LGBT Judges President’s Award.

President D. Zeke Zeidler (CA) presented the award to Judge Weathers at the Association’s Annual Dinner, held on Saturday, August 23, 2014 in Manhattan. The award and dinner were highlights among the well-attended events surrounding the Association’s August 22nd Annual Meeting. Association members also participated on a number of panels (two of which were presented by the Association) at the concurrent National LGBT Bar Association’s 2014 Lavender Career and Law Conference.

Elected to serve as officers for 2014-2015 were Judges D. Zeke Zeidler, President; Victoria Kolakowski (CA), Vice-President; Theodore M. Weathers, Treasurer; and Larnzell Martin, Jr., Secretary (MD).

Beyond official business, members relaxed and enjoyed time together in New York City. Group activities included an August 21st tour of the historic New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division courthouse hosted by that Court’s Justice Paul G. Feinman, a Past President of the Association; an August 22nd cocktail reception hosted by Justice George J. Silver (NY); and an August 23rd brunch on Roosevelt Island, hosted by Justice Feinman and his spouse, Robert Ostergaard. It was all fuel for a busy year ahead.

Special thanks also go to Judge Shawn T. Kelly (NY) for his work with Justice Feinman and Justice Silver in planning activities and hosting members.

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