Shusaku Tatara Reappointed as Judge in Japan

Shusaku Tatara returned to Japan in the Fall of 2017 after completing his studies at University of Pennsylvania Law School. Shu is one of two openly LGBT judges in Japan.

He posted the following on Facebook:

“I am pleased to officially announce that I was appointed as a judge again on April 1st. I work for Chiba District Court and belong to a civil department whose main responsibilities are to deal with bankruptcy, provisional remedies, civil judgment execution, and domestic violence protective orders.

In my reappointment process, my sexuality and my research work in the U.S. was not at issue at all, which gave me a great relief and made me more confident in myself and the judiciary.

I feel deeply delighted with the fact that I can start my second career as a judge at my hometown. I would like to do my best in sincerely discharging my responsibilities.

Thank you very much to everyone who have supported and encouraged me to make this happen.”

You can congratulate Shu here.

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